CompTIA Network+ Course Details

  • 5-day instructor-led training course
  • Official CompTIA Curriculum
  • %80 hands-on exercise with Packet-Tracer
  • Exam voucher included (no need to buy exam)
  • Pre-exam consultation
  • Payment by credit card
  • Course time arrangement according to class.
  • One year period to reach course videos.
  • Native Packet Tracer activities

CompTIA Network+ Course Details

1. Networking Fundamentals.

  • Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model layers and encapsulation concepts.
  • Network topologies and network types.
  • Types of cables and connectors.
  • IP addressing and Subnet.
  • Common ports and protocols.
  • Network services.
  • Basic corporate and datacenter network architecture.
  • Cloud concepts and connectivity options.

2.Networking Implementations.

  • Networking devices, their features, and their appropriate placement on the network.
  • Routing Technologies and bandwidth management concepts.
  • Ethernet switching.
  • Wireless standards and technologies.

3. Network Operations.

  • Network availability.
  • Organizational documents and policies.
  • High availability and disaster recovery.

4. Network Security.

  • Common security concepts
  • Common types of attacks.
  • Network hardening techniques.
  • Remote access methods and security implications.
  • Importance of physical security.

5. Network Troubleshooting.

  • Network troubleshooting methodology.
  • Troubleshoot common cable connectivity issues and select the appropriate tools.
  • Network software tools and commands.
  • Troubleshoot common wireless connectivity issues.
  • Troubleshoot general networking issues.

6. Exam Preparation.

  • Performance Based Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
Networking Concepts 23%
Network Implementation 20%
Network Operations19%
Network Security 14%
Network Troubleshooting 24%

TOTAL: 100%